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Re: 100% laugh-free trailer for DISASTER MOVIE. Ugh.

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I guess why I agree it doesn't seem funny, I'm not so sure why we get all worked up about these kind of movies. I figure if there are people out there that enjoy them, more power to them, have fun. No skin off my nose. Plenty of other movies for me to watch and enjoy.
They're an erosion to culture and good "art" of the movies. They make me hate people and think people are idiots more than they really are.

I saw a trailer for this movie a couple months ago and I beat my head on my desk for a solid half hour. I still have the wood-grain impressions on my forehead.

These types of movies make ever fiber of my being and exsistance HURT like they're being stabbed with icepicks. They make me want to go back in time and dis-invent movie-making. It's also frustrating to me as a screenwriter to see absolute SHIT like this get made and know that my finished scripts don't stand much chance of ever being made.

Movies like these are just complete and total bullshit that they get made and I don't even want to walk past the kind of people who DO find them funny on my way to far better movies.
Well you're kind of proving my point. Why waste this much energy on something you really hate. I mean it's not like A) You're forced to watch these kind of movies or B) there aren't other choices.

I'm saying yeah these kind of movies suck, but I really don't give a shit. I just don't watch them.

Of course this thread kind of reminds of various threads about cancelling this TV show or that TV show. I don't get those threads, I guess I don't get this one either. I just don't watch things I don't want to watch. Got plenty of other entertainment options.
It's just annoying that shit like this gets made and that people enjoy it. That doesn't make sense, I agree, but that's the way I feel. I see these trailers and I just weep at the time, effort and money put into making this crap (which just erodes comedy and good parody as a whole) and it makes me weep for the inteligence of people who go to see this shit and laugh in it.

Also makes me upset that it's so damn hard to get a script sold, yet, here's total shit getting made.
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