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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

Marvel's Thor is sort of like the one from Norse myth, except he is a lot smarter and thinks a lot more. He comes off more as a knight with a hammer than a Viking Thunder god and his hair is blond instead of red. Also Odin is a lot more powerful than he is. I guess you could say he comes off as a more down to Earth Superman because his power levels are so much lower. He was the most powerful hero behind the Hulk, but that has changed since they inserted Sentry, a Superman clone (dumbest thing ever!) into the New Marvel universe.

If done right I think a lot of people would like him a lot, the trick is finding the right person to play him because Thor is suppose to be a big guy with muscles so you would have to get someone that looked like Hulk Hogan in his hayday are Arnie's Conan to really do the character justice.
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