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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

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The dad is played by someone age 39. The son is played by someone age 27.

When I kept seeing all the trailers, I kept thinking it was suppose to be his little brother or something. This is supposedly one of the main reasons Weiss passed on the film. She didn't want to have some 30 year old son.
The characters, though, are much older. 10 years passed between the first movie and the second, it would seem the same ammount of time passed between the second movie and this one. So Rick and Evie are much, much, older than the actors who play them. They're probably in all "reality" in their 50s.

Well this film is 24 years after the first one. If we are to assume that Evie and Rick were in their early 20's in the first film, this would mean they are in their mid 40's in this one. I would think Rick is about 44-46 as well as Evie. Which would mean Brendon Fraser isplaying someone 5-7 years older than himself.Luke Fords character is supposedtobe about 22-24. Which means hes playingsomeone 3-5years younger than himself. Not a far stretch if you ask me. Maria Bello looks a little older than Fraser and definitelylookedlike she could be Fords mother. It would have helped if they at least added a little grey to Frasers temples.
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