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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

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Jaro Stun said:
Thanx for your reply.
I have the latest drivers from NVIDIA but I haven't tried the Vista SP1 RC1 yet, as I'll wait for the final release.

However, I do update my system frequently via Windows Update, so I don't think SP1 will be a big impact for me.
I'll put it this way. Before the service pack, most of my games either failed or were choppy and slow. My file copy rate was abysmal, and that was with all of the updates sans the SP1 RC1. I installed the service pack, shut down, restarted, and it was like I switched on an entirely different computer.

I know this is way after you posted this comment, but I have to say that this thrills me. I just got a new computer, and went with Vista because XP now costs a ton more. My biggest concern, though, is that Vista would wreak havoc on my games since it was meant as a gaming computer. But, if SP1 makes it work great/ better, then I look forward to trying my first game in a couple of hours!
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