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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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For some reason everyone's decided putting things in a world that looks and feels like ours is the way to go - which is a tad baffling, didn't LotR prove that a fully fleshed fantasy world can also make oodles of money?
Even LOTR emphasized its fictional historicity. It was about as naturalistic as one could get in a world filled with Orcs, Elves and Dwarves. There are genuflections to Harryhausen; but it takes itself far more seriously than that. (Which worked for LOTR but not for King Kong, yet I disgress...) Just as The Dark Knight is about as naturalistic and serious one could get in a world where a lone, rich man can dress in a Batsuit and be an effective vigilante who doesn't kill.

Well, that and genre distinctions. LOTR is high fantasy. Superhero movies are superhero movies. The following knee-jerk assumption is that Wonder Woman should be measured by Batman and Spider-Man pictures rather than Narnia and Middle-Earth.

Personally, yeah, I'd like to see outrageous, fantasy pictures along with the more serious, realistic stuff. Whatever works and keeps me amused in the theatres is fine by me. Of course, I also want space opera to make a big comeback, but eh....
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