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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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I think they need to let Superman rest for a while and push their other characters like Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Marvel is putting out way more characters. DC has a rich background. Yes, Supes and Bats are the foundation characters, but DC/Warner Brothers is doing a disservice to themselves and the fans by not really delving into the deep well they have.
You know I think part of their big problem is that Marvel's characters are a little easier to envision in a naturalistic way, while DC's are much more fantasy in terms of their origins and their worlds. For some reason everyone's decided putting things in a world that looks and feels like ours is the way to go - which is a tad baffling, didn't LotR prove that a fully fleshed fantasy world can also make oodles of money?

I keep hearing about problems with Wonder Woman and that's because there's no way to do that character in a naturalistic world. She fights psychotic pantheons and snake monsters and what all. They need to embrace the fantasy...
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