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Re: First Cut of 'Star Trek XI' Finished

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Yes, it's petty and juvenile to joke about the man who helped take Star Trek from "sittin' on top of the world" to "full of fail" in the span of a decade.

This early positive reaction to the screening is good. Special effects and music can only add so much, and shouldn't be expected to carry a film. So if this reaction is strictly off the story and performances (and whatever ILM has completed to date), then I think it's a good sign.
Excuse my ignorance (again!) but I don't get the whole "We are all very pleased." thing. Seems to be a bone of contention of some kind. Could someone please explain? Thanks.
Every time Rick Berman gave an interview about something he would say he was very pleased with what was coming up, even though some detracters would always be disappointed no matter what because they thing Berman is the Anti-christ who destroyed Star Trek. It seemed like the only thing he ever said in interviews is "We are all very pleased," and then it would be crap. It got to the point where everytime he gave an interview someone would chime in with that and it was always in some petty, childish, antagonistic way.. Because everything Berman touched turned to shit.
It was stupid and ridiculous then and it's even moreso now, since Berman is no longer involved with Star Trek.
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