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3. Too many Chevy autobots. Nearly all autobots will be Chevys (except Prime). Why can't they throw in a better looking alternative mode here and there (I hate most GM designs).
While Ironhide is a GMC Topkick, Jazz a Pontiac Solstice and Ratchet is a Hummer (meaning only one Autobot is actually a Chevrolet model), I understand this gripe from a purely aesthetic standpoint ... but it's something that has to be taken with the realities of film production. Making the product placement deal with General Motors saved the first movie a significant amount of money, and that's totally forgivable.

Also, Ironhide's design was awesome and I will hear no argument to the contrary
True, but what I'm getting at is GM. Pontiacs and Hummers are made by GM. So is Chevy. Every autobot in TF1 was a GM... except Prime.

I did like Ironhide's design.

Wait till you all see all of the puddlejumping pregnant rollerskates made by GM that will be in this TF2 movie. 4 cylinder wonders made to be green with no guts.

Almost seems more like a Green Peace commercial than a TF film.
Smaller. Brighter. Better.
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