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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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I think the perfect guy to write it is DC Comics's biggest star writer, Geoff Johns. He was Donner's assistant and is a hell of a writer whose "Last Son" arc should have been Superman Returns. Had it been, it would've been a tremendous, rousing, epic TDK type success, and we'd be waiting for a third Superman film now, not hoping one will get made someday.

Johns's arc had Clark exploring fatherhood through adoption (perfect considering his own history), a building of Kryptonian history, and not only Zod and his pals, but an entire army of rogue criminal Kryptonians from The Phantom Zone.
Wasn't this co-written by Richard Donner himself?
I'm intrigued by it, i've heard of it before but knew it had obscene delays. I might swing by Borders and take a look-see.
And Superman getting an essentially adopted son (i know a few spoilers just from general internet buzz, but i wont say anything about them) just makes so much more sense if you must have Superman as a father.
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