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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

A kind soul at the Battlestar blog livejournal has posted an intriguing video about some of the cast and crew of BSG celebrating after filming their final scenes for the series:
(there is a Sendspace link on that page, getting to download it may take some patience).

Someone has also put up a few screencaptures from the video:

There is a little footage of what are apparently scenes from the finale (a few times we see scenes being wrapped, the very last filming).
Some things seem to stand out:
-Gaeta, Zarek, Dualla and Tory are not seen in the footage, nor are their actors filmed on set or otherwise shown (it's of course possible they had wrapped their scenes earlier)
-A few unexpected faces: Cally is back, in her "specialist" uniform even. She is shown quite a bit in the video, actually. Could be a flashback I suppose (if she is the final Cylon, I guess she just wouldn't go back to the hangar deck?). So is Ellen, and she seems to have a scene in what appears to be a stripclub - with Tigh and Adama in it! Probably also a flashback. Lastly, we have the actress who plays Kat on the set - though no actual scenes are shown.
-The scene where Grace Park (very probably as Athena) and Tahmoh Penikett wrap is a bloody affair: Athena has a bloody hand, likely caused by Helo lying on the ground in blood. This scene plays on Galactica, and Helo has clearly been shot in what appears to be quite a major gunbattle (lots of heavily armed people in the video), so the finale seems to include fighting on Galactica itself. It looks like Helo is either gravely wounded or dead.
-Both Head Six and Head Baltar seem to make an appearance
-A Doral is shown, with a bloody face, aiming a gun aboard Galactica. Dean Stockwell (Cavil) is also shown a couple of times in the video, not sure if those are new scenes
-There may have been a time jump, as there seems to be an older actress for Hera and Bamber's hairstyle seems to have changed dramatically
-it also shows the scene with Roslin going in the water near the fountain (pictures of this had leaked before). Roslin is also shown in a Raptor.
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