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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
I really liked that they at least acknowledged that Eve is a different actress (and character) in her opening scene. The Rachel Weiss version is just the one from her novels, which I'm okay with.
I thought that was what they were going for as well. That the Evie of the first two movies was more a caricture of Evie herself. I thought it was a creative piece of writing around it for our purpose anyway. Still missed Rachel though. She had better chemistry with Brendan.

T'Pers0n wrote: View Post
The dad is played by someone age 39. The son is played by someone age 27.

When I kept seeing all the trailers, I kept thinking it was suppose to be his little brother or something. This is supposedly one of the main reasons Weiss passed on the film. She didn't want to have some 30 year old son.
True. Rachel never publicaly cited the script itself as an issue for her not returning. It was that she did not want to be seen on screen as being a mother to a 19year old son. I personally think she played into sterotypes too much with her decision but it was her choice to make.
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