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Re: Abrams On Lack Of 'Star Trek' Promotion

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I agree. My point is what has been spent is what Abrams and Paramount agreed upon. As far as I know, no budget over runs or such are a concern..
Very true. And, it wasn't my intent to suggest that they were over-budget, but rather over-budgeted.

While it's true we may not know enough about this film yet to declare it bad, we also know nothing about this film that suggests it's capable of making $150m, either.

Sadly, Trek has a tarnished name in the eyes of the general mainstream public. Quite honestly, it has for a long time.

As much as I think everybody here would love for a Trek film to gross this kind of money, the simple truth is that there's nothing about it (thus far) that suggests that this movie is capable of doing something that no other Trek film has.

My personal thoughts on recasts aside, this movie could have been made on a far smaller budget than it is, giving it a far better chance of succeeding (with the definition of success being any movie that makes more than it costs to produce).

Will that stop Paramount from pushing this film at some point? Probably not. But, not having SOMETHING at the last Comic-Con before the movie's release MAY be an indication that they are looking for a way to cut their losses.

Anybody going to the Comic-Con who is likely to see this movie will go whether they are present there or not. So, Paramount may feel their money is better spent trying to squeeze blood out of that rock known as the general public than preaching to the choir.
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