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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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As I pointed out, Johns was Donner's assistant.
Which means ... well, nothing, really. Being Donner's gofer says nothing about anything.

He also wrote for the Blade TV series
Which was absolute shit.

and he'll be introducing The Legion of Superheroes to Smallville.
I'm failing to see the relevance, here.

I'm sure a man of his talent can write a screenplay.
Well, I'm failing to think of any comic writer who has successfully made the jump into writing movies, Frank Miller aside, and outside of David Benioff and William Monahan, I can't even really think of many novelists who have found work as screenwriters. The media work in entirely different dynamics, and just because a guy can craft a comic story doesn't mean he understands anything about screenwriting.

If Warner Brothers is to produce another Superman movie, I would think it much more important to have a creative team well-versed in film production, not in comic development.
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