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Transformers 2

1. Better story/plot than TF1
2. Less comic relief (much of the comic relief in TF1 was lame)
3. More character development (both humans and TFs)

Gripes with what I've heard about TF2 so far:
1. Jetfire is a Decepticon. I'm okay if he starts as a Decepticon and turns halfway in the movie, as long as he is shown to be in conflict. I won't be too happy if he is a Decepticon the whole movie though, since I am use to G1 where he was a good Decepticon that only joined them out of naivity.
2. Pregnant roller skate twin autobots. Of all the vehicles to choose, they had to go with a couple of pregnant rollerskates? How green.
3. Too many Chevy autobots. Nearly all autobots will be Chevys (except Prime). Why can't they throw in a better looking alternative mode here and there (I hate most GM designs).
4. Dead characters coming back... cheapens the death. Megatron and Jazz were killed, leave it at that.

I did enjoy TF1, despite what the critics said. I'm hoping TF2 can be a little better. Is anyone else looking forward to this movie?

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