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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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I can't see any movies being greenlit based on the performance of The Dark Knight, other than a third Nolan Batman flick. The out of the norm success of The Dark Knight has nothing to do with it being a comic book movie, but more with media coverage re: Ledger's death and glowing reviews that painfully point out it's "more than just a comic book movie, it's something akin to the Godfather." The latter of which saddens me, because why can't a comic book movie be that good?
Mainly because they haven't been.
I know, this is where you list the movies you think are that good, and I disagree, and we quote each other's posts and all that I'll just cut that short by saying I really like Spidey 2 and the Donner Superman, those are the only two that I'd agree come close to pulling it off. But when you see endless drek like fantastic four, daredevil, this, that, the reputation of "comic book movies" are in my opinion generally deserved, sadly.

The real culprit imo is basically the studios, who don't seem to believe these comic movies need to have credibliity so commission the more hacky-style scripts that we've seen. Many of them are successes so they are probably right.
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