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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

But we know studios don't care why it made money, just that it made money. TV networks always come up with copy cat shows. Everyone copies each other. I can easily see someone looking to make a movie with a character kinda like Batman that they can make a similar type movie and make some money, cause they know a certain amount of people will think it is like TDK.

I think Joe Six Pack and more importantly Jane Six Pack is going to see this movie because Ledger died in the sort of media plane crash that people love, add to that everyone that sees the movie apparently likes it and there you go. There is no way we will ever know but if Ledger was still alive I don't think it would have done as well, especially not this fast.

I too don't understand why people dislike the concept of comic books so much, but they do regardless of the quality of the work. It is a shame.
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