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So is the pressure on Superman?

With Iron Man doing 600M and TDK doing 600M in 3 days worldwide, is the pressure on Superman to step up to the plate and actual perform like the #1 super-hero or will we get another under performing movie.

I really want Singer to make the movie now. I am willing to sacrifice my enjoyment of a Superman movie, to see if he can deliver and silence all of his critics. If he does make the movie, what do you think his motivation is? Would it be for money or for professional pride? Is he more artist or business man? Would you have the courage to take the job if he left?

Ok now how many super hero movies do you think we will get now? I can see Venom, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Moon Knight, Nighthawk, Catwoman, Green Arrow get made ASAP to cash in on the superhero craze like everyone is cashing in on the magic craze. Space and traditional sci fi could be dead if Star Trek doesn't perform next year.

The pressure is on!
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