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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

I cannot say that I hated this movie but I do feel that it is the weakest of the three in the fun factor. I always enjoy Brendan Fraser in almost anything he does though so he is able to make it more enjoyable. Michelle Yeoh is also dependable as always.

The loss of Rachel Weisz was the biggest hurt. She and Fraser had great chemistry together and they helped the franchise out. Maria Bello was just okay in the role. She looked the part but did not have any chemistry with Fraser and I could not buy her in the role. Also, she was not good with the accent.

The rest of the cast was all right but I wish that John Hannah was in the movie more. When Jonathan is on screen, the fun level rises every time.

I give the movie a "B-" which translates that although I will not go to see it again at theaters, I will watch it again when the DVD is cheap to add to the collection of the others in the franchise.
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