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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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No way. Never Say Die may be 'sophisicated', but there's not a good or memorable song on it. Technical Ecstasy may not be very good, but She's Gone, All Moving Parts and You Won't Change Me more than make up for the rest. Never Say Die is easily the worst Ozzy-era album, and it's not at all surprising he left afterwards.

Of course, even NSD is a gem next to the rubbish they churned out with Dio and all those others in the 80s.
What? Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules are two of the greatest metal albums of all time![/quote]

Okay I admit I forgot about Heaven and Hell! I will not be swayed on Mob Rules or anything since though. I suppose it just wasn't my type of rock that they moved to really.

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As for Zep's last record, I know what you mean. Hotdog? I hated that. But over time I really grew to like Carosellalumbra, or whatever the title was. All of My Love also nice. I understand Pagey & Bonzo were on smack so Jonesey had to take over as musical director.

It's really between Zep 3 & In Through the Out Door as to which was their least good record. But hey, if you're worst was still real good, you ain't doin badly at all.
I only really like All My Love. The rest drives me nuts. The songs on Coda are much better. I certainly wouldn't bracket it with III which has the mighty Immigrant Song, Friends and That's the Way.

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Exciter and Ultra are both excellent albums! I don't think they should be ashamed of them.

Also, Songs of Faith and Devotion is even considered a classic. It's one of their most successful albums and I'm sure they'd never wish they hadn't made it.
Ultra has Freestate on it. That's all I need to know I do honestly hate Songs of Faith and Devotion though - I try to ignore it as much as I can, and given how they never play any of it except the big two singles, I guess they probably don't like it much either.
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