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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

I give this one a C.

For large swaths of it I just felt bored watching it. The actors were flat, though Brendan Fraser looks almost the same as he did during the first Mummy film, which threw off the idea of him being a father to a guy that old.

Maria Bello tried, but she I felt her she very little chemistry with Brendan Fraser. A lot of their jokes were too obvious and just not funny.

Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh did fine, but I still got a sense of been there, done that. However, it was great seeing Li be so kickass. I always thought he would've made an awesome Jedi Knight or Sith Lord. Oh well.

For some reason this movie didn't seem as sweeping or grand in scope as the other two, despite the various locations they used.

The story was pretty formulaic and not all that exciting or thrilling, especially after watching TDK, Iron Man, or hell, even Wanted. The family dynamics felt plastic. Perhaps if they had just had Evie killed off during the war, maybe that would've been a better wedge that pushed Rick and Alex apart and then they wouldn't have had to worry about recasting. Of course that plotline would probably ruin the light tone they were going for.

One other thing...the abominable snowmen and the field goal thing was stupid, though I think some of the kids in the audience liked it.

I really enjoyed the first Mummy film, because it had the right mix of action and fun that I felt was lacking in TPM, its 1999 competitor. Plus, Fraser was pretty engaging as the stalwart O'Connell, and Rachel Weiss was feisty and alluring as Evie, the perfect match for him.

The Mummy 2 went overboard with CGI and that stupid destiny stuff for both Rick and Evie-did Brendan Fraser even have that tattoo from the second film this time? Mummy 3 suffered a little from been there, done that. However, I think Jet Li's villian was better than the Scorpion King. However, I don't think the fight scene in Mummy 3 was better than the dog soldiers' battle in part two.

I was thinking that South America would be a good place to do the next one, and if this one makes money they'll probably follow through on the closing teaser line. However I wish they wouldn't.
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