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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

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The two scenes that stuck that idea to me were the first scene with the Rhea's Away Team - her interaction with Selmak and her ex-lover specifically. Selmak should have known what the chemical was even if he didn't know that it used to make pencils, perhaps the explanation of the joke went too far for me
I never gave any indication that Sekmal didn't know what graphite was; of course he did. He was standing on a planet that was full of graphite, and he could read a sensor display. He simply didn't understand what Pennsylvania (which is how it would've sounded to him) had to do with the planet they were on.

- and her 'dumping' the ex-lover because he, like the other members of the away team, didn't know the difference between two words that sound exactly the same.
Who says the other members of the team didn't get the reference? Besides, "Noh" isn't pronounced exactly like "no," not if you pronounce both words correctly according to their respective languages' vowel usage.

Anyway, it's not about Paul's lack of knowledge but his inability to recognize when he's hearing a joke. The point wasn't to paint Trys as a superior intellect, but as a woman who values humor and frivolity -- and who at least has some standards about who she sleeps with, in case her later activities gave a different impression.

Also, I felt the briefing scene in which Kadohata, Elfiki and Trys were talking about the anomalies and the constructs relatively soon after arriving in the area seemed like Elfiki and Kadohata were being dumbed down just to make it look like Trys was a genius.
It was meant to hint that Trys was getting intuitive insights from the cluster entity, something that was made more explicit later on. Also to show that she was imaginative enough to be an asset to the crew. Kadohata's resistance had more to do with her skepticism about T'ryssa's abilities in general than any lack of intelligence. And Elfiki is at most only a step or so behind Trys; once she sees where Trys is going, she backs her up and fills in some useful detail. Elfiki's the one who offers a hypothesis for how the planetary brains could've evolved after Trys runs out of ideas, so I don't think she could be considered "dumbed down" there.

Of course Trys is a genius; she's a Starfleet science officer, so genius should be a given. But she's not the only genius in the scene.

I don't think I'm really going to enjoy the Relaunch (I coincidentally enjoyed Before Dishonor, the first TNG Relaunch with no new main characters - but didn't like Resistance or Q&A) until the cast settles down and we know we've found our new main cast that we'll be following for at least the next three or four novels.
Well, the Enterprise crew will be the same in Destiny as it is in GTTS. That's your minimum of four novels right there.
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