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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Sorry it's taken me a day to reply but I've been getting over jetlag!

Plus I don't think I would've been allowed to have two Vulcan (or half-Vulcan) women in the same bridge crew. That, and they have somewhat overlapping jobs.
Well, if you can shift Kadohata's actual position in the crew from Second Officer/Science Officer/Ops Manger to just Second Officer and Ops Manager then you could certainly have done it with T'Lana too - remove her from Bridge Duty (ie, remove the Contacts Specialist aspect of the job) and make her JUST the Counselor, like Hegol.

Could you specify which scenes you think that's happening in? I certainly wasn't trying to do anything of the sort. Naturally I had to demonstrate why this new character was worth having on the crew, but I didn't want it to be at anyone else's expense.
The two scenes that stuck that idea to me were the first scene with the Rhea's Away Team - her interaction with Selmak and her ex-lover specifically. Selmak should have known what the chemical was even if he didn't know that it used to make pencils, perhaps the explanation of the joke went too far for me - and her 'dumping' the ex-lover because he, like the other members of the away team, didn't know the difference between two words that sound exactly the same.

Also, I felt the briefing scene in which Kadohata, Elfiki and Trys were talking about the anomalies and the constructs relatively soon after arriving in the area seemed like Elfiki and Kadohata were being dumbed down just to make it look like Trys was a genius.

It probably wasn't your intention, I can appreciate that, it's just the way it came across to me.

One might also note that Egypt is not an Asian country.
Well - non-western origin then

T'Ryssa Chen is of Chinese ancestry, not Japanese. Never been a Japanese person named Chen, as far as I know. She may also have a bit of Greek in her, given that her mother's name is Antigone.
Heh - just something I thought because of her knowledge of Noh.

Anyway - read a bit more of the book today on the bus into town and it's still rattling along. I'm enjoying it, but the more I read of it, I just don't think it's a patch on Orion's Hounds or Ex Machina - possibly because of the crew shifting (which doesn't really occur for the main characters in the other two novels I've mentioned) which occurs across the TNG Relaunch so far. I don't think I'm really going to enjoy the Relaunch (I coincidentally enjoyed Before Dishonor, the first TNG Relaunch with no new main characters - but didn't like Resistance or Q&A) until the cast settles down and we know we've found our new main cast that we'll be following for at least the next three or four novels.
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