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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

As for Zep's last record, I know what you mean. Hotdog? I hated that. But over time I really grew to like Carosellalumbra, or whatever the title was. All of My Love also nice. I understand Pagey & Bonzo were on smack so Jonesey had to take over as musical director.

It's really between Zep 3 & In Through the Out Door as to which was their least good record. But hey, if you're worst was still real good, you ain't doin badly at all.

Remember their cover of that Christopher Cross song? Yikes.

Yes, good mention. Oh boy, what were they thinking. Biff still sings it in certain parts of the world.

State of Shock, yah. Had a George Harrison cover on it right?
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