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Re: I think its time to change our avatars back.

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No, incidentally, just before I read this thread, I changed my avatar. The new one is promoting the Trek Art Comic Project and doesn't include a single sombrero reference. Maybe you're right. I mean, I still love the whole thing, but I think it ran its course. And that's okay...
I notice you've added a new frame since yesterday, which means I should probably go check out the thread in the Art forum, eh?

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Thank God a few of you have some sense and want to stop this nonsense.

It was annoying and profoundly unfunny for all but a handful of people.

You're welcome. We did it just for you.
"Recently my 8 year-old cousin asked me, with a wicked twinkle in his eye, if I'd ever microwaved a banana. I'm terrified to try, but I'm sure whatever happens—splattering, abrupt, radioactive—sounds exactly like an Annie Clark guitar solo."
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