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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

as for Oz, I lost interest after Barf at the Moon. Only bought it to hear Jake E Lee & Tommy Aldridge.

A crime they did against Daisley & Kerslake.

Here's a couple Purple related not so well known bits. Ritchie told Martin Birch that Iron Maiden were real good, & that he should work with em, which on his reccomendation did. The rest is history.

Wishbone Ash got signed after Ritchie told the label how good they were, ( this after one of Ash's guit players one upped Ritchie at a sound check. They were opening for Purple at the time).

Purple were thrown off the 68 Cream tour for goofing around, playing country tunes & such.

Rainbow's Difficult to Cure album cover was turned down a few years earlier by Sabbath for Never say Die.

As an asides, I think Perfect Strangers was a near perfect album. Yngwie Malmsteen said a bit after it came out; Ritchie tried real hard on it & is still one of the best players in the world.
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