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Re: 2008 Olympics!

My parents were all ready to go. They were really psyched about going. And now, almost at the last minute, they find that they can't go.

This is because my stepmom recently developed severe back pain. And so my dad, suspicious (IMHO, understandably so) about the state of Chinese medicine and not wanting to entrust her health to it in case the pain flared up again while over there - decided not to go.

Me, I personally don't care about the Olympics. I may watch the opening ceremonies, but that'd be it. I'm just sad that my parents had to cut their trip short because of something like this, because I know how much they wanted to go.

But in the end I suppose it's for the best; better that they stay home, where they know they can treat my stepmom's back pain if something goes wrong (they've never been to China before, they don't speak a single word of Chinese, and so are understandably skeptical about what would happen if she'd needed medical attention while there).

And given the state of China itself these days... Linky...I confess I wouldn't really want my parents going there even if back pain wasn't even an issue for them.
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