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Yes, but what if you accidentally hear the results in the meantime? I nearly slapped a taxi driver into the next century because he blabbed the results of the men's figure skating finals to me before I'd seen the nightly replay. After I knew the results, I had no interest in actually watching it.
I think it's funny you had a taxi driver who admitted to watching the men's figure skating finals.
He hadn't seen them on TV, he heard the results on the radio. This was one of the times when the Olympics was in some time zone halfway across the world and over half a dozen time zones away from here (Lillehammer, I think).

And it's not so weird that a male taxi driver would watch men's figure skating, if there were any serious medal contenders. There was that year (Kurt Browning), but sadly Browning always choked at Olympics finals. I haven't paid much attention in recent years, but men's figure skating is a lot more masculine than it used to be -- much more athletic since the Canadians pioneered the quadruple jumps in competition.
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