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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Ad my voice to the chorus if cheers for this book. Christopher you may have outdone yourself this time. This was really an enjoyable read. I especially like the way throughout the novel you seek to address and solve (or attempt to solve) every Borg question or discontinuity between the various Borg appearances among the TV series - i.e. How did Starfleet Borg get to the Delta quadrant before VOY, what happened to the Ent-D personnel in the section of hull removed from the saucer, etc... - it wasn't much but little tidbits that made the reading that much more enjoyable.

I love the new character of T'Ryssa but for some reason she reminded me alot of Trance Gemini from [gasp]Andromeda[/gasp] and I don't know why, maybe because both were younger characters?

Anyway, great book!! Now stop perusing these boards and get back to writing. I know you have to be working on a draft of some future TREK novel!!
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