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I think its time to change our avatars back.

My Friends.

Firstly, I'm proud of what this forum has achieved this last two months, but as of today - I'm going to drop the sombrero and mexican references from my avatar.

I've been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks now. I feel the tide has turned, so I'm getting out now while we are still on somewhat of a high. There are rumblings of a backlash across the board and as such, I feel that we should all cut back on the sombrero-ness. Still gonna post in the Blue nacelles thread (god bless you AlboOfBorg - who knew?,) and I think we should keep that puppy going at least through 2000 posts.

Peace, love, IDIC and understanding and all that - but I think its time to return to our scheduled broadcast.

*welling up with tears*

Lets get out now, before the rest of the board kills us and it really, really stops becoming funny. I'm going to fall on my sword now for the rest of you. I'm ripping off the band-aid now. I'm taking the first step.

Who's with me?

Movie reviews sponsored by that toupee that Patrick Stewart had sent over from London that time.

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