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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

I'm on page 115, and that little bit I've read has been better than the entirety of Before Dishonor and Resistance.

Also, the Mabrae are back! I *loved* seeing them here, even for the small bit that they were. I loved what you had done with them in The Buried Age, and I loved that they're back.

I was waffling a bit about Trys, but I have to admit, she's one of my favorite characters so far. Quirky, but in a believable way (believable considering that the Star Trek universe isn't exactly real...yet). Part of why she's so fascinating is that she's almost Spock's complete opposite, on the surface.

It's still a bit too early to say whether or not you've redeemed the TNG Relaunch, but the signs are definitely promising.
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