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In blown-up versions of the Saldana Uhura pic you can, apparently, just barely make it out.
Hmm, looking at the images available online at and at, I can tell that the fabric has a certain texture to it, rather than being a completely smooth weave or knit, but that is all I'm able to tell. Those blown-up versions must be a lot larger than anything I've seen.

Still, I think it looks fine, and would even if it were not adorning Zoe Saldana. Fabric has never been that big a deal to me, though, and certainly not anything I'd get anywhere close to hating unless it was unspeakably hideous in some way I'm not sure I could even imagine.
Dig this link. It'll probably reduce itself once it finishes building to fit inside your browser window, but you can expand it again by clicking the button in the lower, right-hand corner. Check out Zoe's shoulder and it'll all become clear to you.
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