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Re: Abrams On Lack Of 'Star Trek' Promotion

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So Paramount, change the release date to January. Abrams hit a home run with Cloverfield in that month, plus 5 months is way to long to sit on a movie.
Once again, I find myself believing that Paramount moved this movie to May out of necessity, not confidence.

As I've said in the past, Abrams and Co have spent entirely too much money on this movie. Your comment about Cloverfield being a success in January is a valid one, when placed in the context of a movie that cost about $35m to make.

It made a ton of money the first week or two, then dropped off quickly after that.

Star Trek cost nearly double what Cloverfield GROSSED to make. Sorry, but there's no chance in Hades that it's going to make it at any time of the year but Summer.

Frankly, I think the reason there's been no promotion of this film is because they've already spent too much money on the film, and they're going to need all the press they can get closer to the film if they want to have even a prayer's chance of recovering what they've spent.
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