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Re: Gillian Anderson: Genre babe of the week #31 (July 2008)

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I saw a blurb in the paper today about how Gillian said that originally, Fox wanted Pamela Anderson to play Scully instead of her.
Saw that and thank god they cast the right person as Scully.
I've never heard they were looking specificly FOR Pamela Anderson but someone "like" her. -That is blonder and bustier. The wanted Scully to be much more the sexy type, the type Mulder likely enjoys to great lengths in his favorite form of entertainment.

Fortuantly, Carter resisted Fox's insistence at such a characterization of Scully and opted for a much more demure, smarter, and "discreetly sexy" Scully we all know and love -casted a better looking Anderson too.

Out of hope.
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