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Spiner On 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' And 'Dreamland'

To Brent Spiner's surprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation lasted longer than a year.

As reported by, Spiner took the show, thinking that it wouldn't last long and he could make money to pay some bills and be done with it. "I auditioned," said Spiner. "My agent sent me the script and I thought the character of Data could ultimately be fun and interesting to play. Also, I was convinced that the show (which was pre-sold for a year) couldn't last very long and I wouldn't be stuck on a TV series. I could pay my debts off and get on with my career. I clearly have no talent for determining what will succeed or fail. I think I had about six auditions for the part and finally, to my good fortune, they gave it to me."

Spiner is fond of the fans who supported him over the years. "...the group of people who enjoy Star Trek on a grand scale, I'd say outside of Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa, they are among the finest people on Earth."

In addition to acting, Spiner sings. He worked with Maude Maggart on Dreamland, having decided she would be perfect for the project after hearing her on the radio one day. "I had put a script of sorts together and was looking for a female vocalist to sing with," explained Spiner. "While driving down Pacific Coast Highway listening to the 'Jonathan Schwartz' show, I heard this miraculous singer doing a Cole Porter number called, 'Looking at You'. I was completely overwhelmed. I knew at that moment I had to have her on my CD. I got in touch with her publicist and sent her the script and, thank God, she agreed to do it. She is such a great artist and a wonderful young woman as well. It was thrilling working with her."

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