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Re: 3D Software?

It is an awesome interface Mr. P...

I use to demo the software for Roman back in the day and trust me I am the true "Idiot Savant" when it comes to 3D modeling. It is very intuitive for a novice, too a med-skilled modeler, then you should be looking at jumping to Maya, Lightwave, or one of the more intricately nested, and more complex, and mainstream titles. I found it very easy to use almost point and click, however as you get better it does allow you to go further down into the intricate levels of object minipulation and rendering capabilities. I have not used the program for years, right after it left the Amiga Computer platform, and right now I need some stuff done I think I may fire the old P4 PC my mac is using as a table, and get 'er done myself. I need some basic 3D Architecual renderings done, most of the stuff is pretty basic, except for the ship meshes I need done. That requires someone who has that gift , and that ain't me. If you need a teapot, spinning in 3D with a proceedural texture map of Kiki doing the shimmy, I'm your man.


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