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'Star Trek XI' Command Uniform

Chris Pine let drop a bit about the command uniform for Star Trek XI in a recent interview.

As reported by Sci Fi Pulse, the command uniforms worn by Kirk, Sulu and Chekov will the familiar gold color of the original series era Star Trek. Pine was discussing Captain Kirk and said, "if you see that gold shirt, you know what you’re looking at."

When asked directly if Kirk would be wearing Gold in the movie, Pine said, "Oh yes. I've probably given something away by saying that, but I'm so tired at this point, but you know its really funny because just the other day it was an imaginary ship in Burbank, but it does feel good and it was a real honor being asked to do it."

According to a report at TrekMovie, other cast members will be wearing the colors associated with their departments in the original series era. Scotty, Uhura and others in engineering, security and communications will wear red; Spock, McCoy and others in medical and science will wear blue, and command will wear gold.

Working on Star Trek XI was enjoyable for Pine and he feels that fans will enjoy the movie. "It is fantastic. I had a lot of fun," he said. "I think the movie that J.J. [Abrams], Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] wrote, and I got a chance to participate in, is really good. People will be surprised at how good it is. It's pretty spine-tingling."

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