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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

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I don't dislike the term African American, I simply think it isn't accurate any longer. As I've explained, Black Americans don't have very much in common with their African cousins, a unique culture has emerged and the term "African American", to me at least, does a disservice to the unique nature and strength of that culture.
Strange thing about that, though; When Malcolm X went to Nigeria in 1964, he was giving a lecture at a college, and he used the word 'Negro-American' in a speech he was making, only to be reprimanded by a representative of the student council for doing so; he was told the the term 'Negro' was derogatory,and that the name Afro-American was more dignified. So afterwards, he used the term African American or Afro-American to refer to black people.

Just a little historical perspective.....
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