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Re: IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09

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Is there any chance of more TNG down the road? Maybe something aboard the E? I thought I would ask since no once else has yet and nothing was mentioned from the Con about it.

Can't wait for all the exciting planned series to come out through. Loving Mirror Images myself and kind of was disappointed in the shortness for New Frontier.
Actually, "Star Trek: The Last Generation", which was announced at the con, will be a TNG book (though obviously a Myriad Universes one). In the less-than-two-years since IDW started publishing Trek, that'll be the third TNG miniseries, plus TNG stories in one-shots like Borg, Andorians, etc.

All told, I think they've published 13 or so TNG issues so far in about a year and a half (not counting New Frontier, which is really its own thing), so I'd say that's pretty good so far. And, of course, I'm more than certain that IDW will be doing more TNG series after Last Generation wraps up.

For New Frontier, I believe that IDW Publisher Chris Ryall suggested the likelihood of another series from Peter David at the convention (if I recall correctly), but remember that IDW usually follows a miniseries format, and that PAD had to receive a special exemption to his exclusive contract with Marvel to write the first one, so that had a lot to do with the first series's length/duration.
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