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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

^^^ Just saved that to my PC.

The things that most annoyed me about the movie:

1. No valid reason was given for why Hancock is the way he is.
2. No valid reason for his change of heart.
3. The fact that there is another superbeing takes away from his uniqueness, as the story is no longer just about him.
4. The best parts of the movie played in the trailer (I thought the whale scene was going to be part of his "rehab" and not some random thing he just did for the hell of it, dumb dumb dumb)
5. After the PR Guy has been so nice to him, and him turning over a new leaf (for no apparent reason other than he wants to be liked?) he still wants to force himself on dude's wife? Lame.
6. Dude's wife tosses him thru the wall, and THIS is the changing moment for the character? Lamer!!

Like many have said on here, I wanted to see a movie about a downed superhero who makes his way back to the top again, not some dumbass get kicked around the city by a superGF with a temper tandrum.

Superman Returns is a classic compared to this pathetic attempt at comedy/drama.
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