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Re: Abrams On Lack Of 'Star Trek' Promotion

Could Abrams have any pull on when this movie is released? Why not oush shooting schedules back to coincide with the May releae date. It seems kind of wasteful to sit on a movie for 5 extra months when it's completed. Why not release it in January? Or February? All the other big holiday movies are done. People will want something new. Star Trrek comes out, and wham! Breaks alll kinds of early year release record. Or......Release it when Wolverine and Terminator 4 at coming out the same month, and it tanks. It's Nemesis times 1000 all over again. They seem to have it all together in there in the production department, but the studio seems like the same people that caused the first nail in the coffin for Trek. Star Trek is on thin ice right now. If 'Star Trek' Isn't succesful, I fear we won't see any new Star Trek for a very lomg time. So Paramount, change the release date to January. Abrams hit a home run with Cloverfield in that month, plus 5 months is way to long to sit on a movie.
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