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Pretty amazing... free... I didn't believe it (no offense intended) so I checked it out, and yes, 7.6 is free. Wow... just .... wow.

This is pretty good software. I think that they must be thinking in terms of making their money from training rather than software sales? I noticed that the training is apparently going to be going for about $100 per "lesson," isn't it?

Anyway, I'm downloading my copy right now. I haven't used this but I've seen lots of work done in the package (mostly in 3D World magazine) and it's certainly capable of some impressive results.
Well, I now know WHY this has been done... and it makes sense from a certain point of view.

Microsoft bought Caligari. And now Microsoft is giving this away for free. Why?

Well, Microsoft has tied this into their "Virtual Earth" software, much as Google has now tied their acquisition of "Sketchup" into "Google Earth" (what used to be called "Keyhole" before Google bought it)

Microsoft is trying to compete with Google in this area. Google did Sketchup... Microsoft does Caligari.

So, yes, this is free. And when you read through the literature, they strongly encourage you to use the software to model your own home, or place of business, or whatever else you may find interesting, and to put it out there into "Microsoft Virtual Earth."

Basically, by giving this away for free, they're trying to get the general public to create the 3D World for their own software for free.

So, if you want to "pay" for your software, go model a few buildings for Virtual Earth and give 'em to Microsoft.

See, I KNEW this had to make economic sense SOMEHOW. You just don't give away high-quality software for free...

That said... I think it's a fair trade, all things considered!
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