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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

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And what exactly was wrong with that?
It's an example of Mary Sueism, remaking the story to beat up Cap to make another guy look cool.
So is Sue Reed's girly sidekick?
Depends on how their marriage is written; in the Lee/Kirby period, for example, that's a fair characterization (though the same could be said of most if not all Silver Age female characters.
You think Storm getting married and becoming a Queen is making her a girly sidekick.
No, the way Hudlin writes it is making her a girly sidekick.

I don't object to the idea in principle, but I do object to rewriting the characters' histories, and, just generally, bad writing. Hudlin can't write Storm as a powerful, independent figure for beans; she's just an accessory to prove how awesome Black Panther is.
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