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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

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Yes, I am; he changed Priest's story for something vastly inferior, and, as I said, did it because he wanted to use Captain America to show how cool T'Chaka was.
And what exactly was wrong with that? Captain America has always been the measuring stick for how good a fighter someone is in the Marvel Universe. It has always been said that Black Panther and Captain America were always on the same level with Cap always getting the slight edge. So is it really a stretch that his father would have defeated a young Cap? Like I said your reaction is exactly like the General in the story, that is just flat out impossible

This is subjective, but, no, it wasn't. He completely rewrote the characters' history to turn Storm into BP's deferential, girly sidekick.
So is Sue Reed's girly sidekick? You think Storm getting married and becoming a Queen is making her a girly sidekick. Wow. Just wow. Is that really how you view marriage.
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