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Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

I saw this last night at a sneak showing. First things first for those interested in non spoilery, my grade.

Captain Craig's grade: B-

I'm going to give a brief, likely overly simplified review, because the movie itself is sort of that way.

I thought the opening of the movie was done well. We get about a 6-8 minute laying of the groundwork about ancient China and the one Emperor who wanted to rule the whole land and his quest for immortality. About how he is cursed and those responsible vow to prevent his return.

We are then reintroduced, separetly, to Rick and Evie who are in retirement. Both sequences and then when they are together are meant to show us how stale and boring life has become for them since we last saw them. They, like Indy, were WWII operatives and now with a 19yr old son they seem restless.

We are introduced to Alex who is in China working on a dig. He has dropped out of school and pursuing things his own way. He's teamed up with one of his dads old acquientences.

We are reintroduced to Jonathan, Evies brother, at his nightclub he China, called IMHOTEPS!

All hell breaks loose once the O'Connels are reunited in China. The mummy arises due to a double cross at the dig site. The typical stuff happens and I won't go into all of it. I will say however the Abominable Snowmen were an interesting addition to the Mummy movie family of creatures.

My grade could be lower but its saved by Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh. Both characters are written better and more serious which is what I wanted and expected from this film. Seeing it for them and their fight scenes is easily worth going. I felt the movie had a full measure of unnecessary comedic one liners and sight gags. A sprinkling of humor sure but they laid it on a few more times than I liked. I felt like after the more serious start that the movie only kept having traction when Jet and Michelle were on screen. The family dynamic comes together well enough in the end but felt the extra humor made it uneven and disjointed at times.

I'd still have paid to see it but will be seeing X-Files this weekend instead.

Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: B-
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