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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

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DAK posted the Sombrero Regeneration pic in the Doctor Who forum to rave reviews!:
Indeed ... but I think pookha told some of the folk in the chat, and Emh looked at the actual image. His view hasn't changed on it.

what can i say..
that i am evil to emh sometimes.

and yes trek bbs has a chat.

Better be careful teasing Emh. Anyone who can ban Chase Masterson from a Star Trek BBS would have no qualms about banning the likes of us!

But seriously (In this thread!?). As I told M'Sharak, I never really expected the clip to go over very well in the Doctor Who forum. I intentionally filled the thing with as many Sombrero in-jokes as possible. Someone who hasn't been following this thread simply wouldn't get all of the little nods to the previous 1,500 posts.
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