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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

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-Perhaps what is driving so many people mad is that Hudlin has perhaps done something that white writers did to black characters for years, and sometimes continue to do, marginalize them. White characters are not the guiding, central characters in Hudlin's BP and I wonder if it isn't disconcerting to a lot of people.
it is racist, but you're absolutely right, it's the way black characters have been and sometimes continue to be written, so I tolerate it. I roll my eyes, I voice my dislike, but I let it slide, because it does mean equal treatment, even if it's poorer treatment all around.

I hope it acts as a wake-up for more comic readers, to get them to notice all racism in comics more often and voice their dislike louder.

Especially after Priest used Ross as a narrator, once again telling a black person's story through a white person's eyes (ie. Last King of Scotland, Cry Freedom, Ghosts of Mississippi, Mississippi Burning, etc., etc.). Priest purposely did that to build up white readership, and he still had weak sales.
I read Priest chose Ross because the alternative to a narrator was Panther monologuing which would ruin his cool enigmaticness and he was basically T'Challa's opposite in every way. white, yes, but also a small gangly geek.

as for sale numbers, well... that's a poor arguement all around. if you're posting on this board then you know as well as I that good fiction does not always mean popularity, and popularity often finds awful undeserving fiction.
romulan meatloaf again?!
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