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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

I dislike Hudlin's run for many reasons:

- He basically tears up everything previously done with the character, creating a continuity nightmare. He created an ongoing problem with Dane Whitman that still hasn't been resolved.
- His terrible characterization of Storm, and the laughably bad handling of the wedding.
- Accusing anyone who doesn't like his run of being racist.
- He writes Black Panther as an Elite Mary Sue, which, apart from being grating, isn't very interesting dramatically. And he commits the cardinal sin of trying to build his character up by tearing others down (for example, rewriting Priest's account of T'Chaka's meeting with Captain America so that T'Chaka straight-up beats him in a fight and then slings him over his back).
- His treatment of white characters mingles various degrees of contempt.
- His politics are cartoonishly integrated and painful to read, and make little sense in light of the book he's writing.
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If Priest was so great, why didn't he sell more books? Priest did a good job with Panther, but why should Hudlin be beholden to Priest?
Quality doesn't equal sales, certainly not for a minor character (Hudlin's book would have met a similar fate long ago but for Marvel continually feeding him crossovers to provide temporary boosts). And Hudlin should build on and respect the work of his predecessors, instead of bashing him under an assumed identity on internet forums.
-Racism. Where is it? Hudlin's BP is very confident, and a bit of a know-it-all, but so is Batman for example. What makes his portrayal racist? Should he be more deferential to white characters?
It's normally not an issue with how BP himself is written, it's the tone of the book as a whole; pretty much every white character is stupid or evil (numbered among the exceptions would be most of the wedding guests), and every single villain he encounters is a European or American racist.

On a more specific note, Hudlin is, after JMS, the prime offender in writing Tony Stark as the spawn of Satan's mating with the military-industrial complex.
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