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Hello TrekBBS!

Hi everyone! I'm tauzo and I'm a trekaholic.

After watching all of TOS again online last month, I've spent most of this past month catching up ENT, the only series I never watched since it aired after I gave up TV. I realized it was becoming a problem when I couldn't make it through an episode without pausing after every other chapter to to check Memory Alpha and the other wikis for background info on all the characters, places, species, histories, technobabble, etc. I'm pretty much a fan of all the series, TNG especially (though they do have their weaker seasons/episodes).

I've got like 12 episodes disks to go with ENT, and I'm already starting to go into withdrawal. I'm pretty sure I'll be turning here for emotional support.

Anyway, I really need to talk trek, and I'm glad you guys are here cuz if I start talking about the differences between phasers and disruptors IRL people start lookin at me funny.

See you around the forums!
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