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Re: Black Panther animated trailer

I'm curious about what people here think Hudlin has done wrong with Black Panther?

I started reading BP on Hudlin's run, and though I think the book is lacking in strong villians, and also makes the mistake of trying to make BP too perfect, I like the artwork, I also like the Storm/BP marriage. I don't think mainstream comics has ever had a black supercouple and I think it's added depth and potential storylines for both characters. I also loved the first six issues, collected in Who is the Black Panther? I just wished that Hudlin kept up that quality of storytelling.

I've also read the two trades that Priest wrote. I don't see much that's noticeably better or worse between the two. Though I think Priest did a great job with Achebe, though he made him a bit too silly toward the end of the Enemy of the State TPB. One thing I didn't care for was Everett Ross narrating the story. I didn't think he was all that funny. Sometimes, but he got to be too much, became annoying, and detracted from the story.
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