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Re: Star Trek: COSMOS

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Yeah, that does sound pretty cool if extrapolated right. Any more thoughts on the main characters and the first season, Admiral2?
Well, lately I've been trying to work out the captains of the Defiants as a next step, so how about:

Sonora Arias: (Human) Captain of the Defiant-class vessel Thor. A science officer before an act of heroism caught the attention of Starfleet Tactical, she was fast-tracked up the ranks until she was given command of a dedicated combat vessel. It's a command that she has always had doubts about accepting, doubts that have become more pronounced since the onset of the project. By volunteering her ship for assignment to the Verthandi, her real hope is that she'll have more assignments that involve the ship's primary mission than ones that involve fighting, although Admiral Nighthammer will come to regard her as his greatest asset in times of conflict.

Zad Onara: (Andorian) Last scion of a long line of warriors on his homeworld, the captain of the Defiant-class ship Freya sees the mission as an opportunity to do the things he trained to do as a tactical commander in Starfleet. A peaceful home galaxy left little opportunity to show his combat prowess, but a sojourn into a greater unknown than anyone has ever experienced is - in his eyes - likely to provide challenges that will require the application of force. Those challenges are the things he looks forward to.
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